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This will be my first class, should I come early?

As a first-time rider, it is essential that you arrive ready for the class (dressed in your active wear) 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the class. This is so we have plenty of time to fit your shoes into the bike, teach you how to set up your bike and ensure your experience is comfortable, relaxed and fun!

What should I wear/ bring?

Wear clothing that is comfortable to exercise and sweat in. Please also bring or wear socks and a water bottle. We provide complimentary towels for class and drink bottles are available for sale if you left yours at home. Just a heads up, the drink bottle holders on the bike only take the standard size bottles.

Do I need to wear the cycling shoes?

As part of the experience, Cycling shoes are complimentary for all participants and all participants are encouraged to wear them. If you do not feel comfortable then it is ok to wear your sneakers but must be strapped into the pedals.

All bikes have adjustable toe cages and straps and are compatible with Shimano® SPD® cleats- cycling shoes. Feel free to bring your own or use ours!

What is the benefit of wearing cycling shoes?

Wearing cycling shoes means you are clipped into our pedals and generating force on both the push and pull of each pedal stroke. The motion also promotes the body to recruit your larger muscle groups (quads/glutes), increasing the ability to burn more calories throughout class. The rigidity of the sole also prevents any possible soft tissue injury of the foot that may be obtained from the use of softer sneakers. Ultimately you will be riding more comfortably and efficiently!

How long do the classes go for?

All classes go for 45minutes in duration, this includes the warm up, and the cool down stretches at the end.

What is the difference between each class?


This 45-minute workout immerses each rider in a unique virtual world as you follow your personal avatar. Ride across desserts. Shoot down valleys. Push through cityscapes. All whilst along-side your instructor who will be with you the whole way pushing your intensity and resistance.


We tap back, we push, we dip, we twist. You’ll get your groove on to our in-house mixed tracks as you bike-dance your way through the most energetic and fun 45-minute workout that you’ll ever experience!


A 45-minute high performance, high intensity, cardio interval training style.  Power your way through the virtual race course, burning more calories and achieving a great cardio workout. All heart rate, FTP and metric driven, and incredibly effective to get you achieving results fast! Efficiency at its finest.

Do I need to be fit to do the class?

The great thing about Infinite Cycle is, you have the control of how hard, or how easy you want to go. The instructor will guide you and encourage the class to follow the pace and the intensity. It is then up to you to decide and take accountability of the amount of resistance and how hard you want to work.

Is there a beginner’s class?

We recommend you try either ICPeloton or ICRhythm first. Each of these classes are quite different and may suit different tastes and preferences. For example – if you are a pure cyclist who enjoys stats and metric, i.e. how fast you are going (RPM/ cadence), the power you are pushing (watts) and the speed and distance travelled then ICPeloton is the class for you.

If you enjoy music that allows you to move to the beat, dance and work the upper body as well as the lower body in an energetic, fun environment then we recommend ICRhythm.

Each class and instructor will always offer options for beginner riders just starting out. Ultimately, you decide what option to choose and what resistance to select.

Do I need to make a booking for each class?

We recommend booking your class in advance through the app. We do take walk in’s, but please ensure you arrive early enough to book in and get set up. We cannot confirm availability of spots in the class for walk ins, so your safest option is to book in on the app.

Can I still attend the class if I arrive late?

To ensure duty of care, safety and to minimise class disturbance, entry will not be permitted once the doors have closed (5 minutes before the start time) or to the instructor’s discretion.

How do I cancel a booked class?

Bookings may be cancelled online, or by calling us at least 12 hours in advance. If a cancelation in made within 12 hours without notification, a credit is deducted from your account.

What if I need to leave early for the class?

Attendance for the whole 45 minute duration of the class is expected. As courtesy to your instructor and to your fellow riders, where there is an occasion where you need to leave, please inform the instructor before the class begins for approval.

Where are your studios located?

All studio locations can be found here

Do I need a heart rate monitor?

We recommend using a heart rate monitor during the session as it is a metric used during our interactive classes, however, you certainly do not have to use one. If you have your own monitor, please ensure it supports ANT+ connection so that we can connect it to our system prior to class. If you would prefer to use one of our monitors – these are available for sale at your studio.

What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is our solution to spin, all from the comfort of your own home. We have developed a platform which gives you access to all of our classes on demand and live every single day. These are all available on our very own app, to download the app click here

What types of classes are offered on [email protected]?

All of our classes offered in the studio, are also available @HOME live and on-demand. 

We also offer an ‘Off The Bike’ library of classes where you can practice stretch, mobility, strength and pilates classes anytime anywhere. 

Can I trial [email protected]?

For $10 you can get an all access pass for 24 hours. Then you can convert on to the weekly membership of $14.95 and get all the access, all the time! Click here and take the ride of your life

Can I buy a bike from you?

Yes! We are currently developing our very own Infinite Cycle bike. Join our waiting list to find out more info and make a purchase. 

Can I use [email protected] with my own bike?

Absolutely, you don’t have to have an Infinite Cycle bike to enjoy our classes, our programs are designed to be enjoyed with any indoor trainer or exercise bike.